Open access to 'The Origins of Cellular Architecture'

We have taken on one of the last uncharted fields in evolution: integrating evolutionary biology with cell biology. This sequel to The Origins of Genome Architecture brings evolutionary theory to bear on a diversity of observations on the functional and structural features of cells.

Surprisingly, the details of many cellular traits seem not to be simple products of natural selection, and in some cases can only be explained by an ability of selection to universally make certain kinds of refinements. The chapters provided are freely available for use in evolutionary cell biology courses as well as for more general subject review.

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1. Evolutionary Cell Biology

2. The Origin of Cells

3. The Major Lines of Descent

The Genetic Mechanisms of Evolution

4. The Population-genetic Environment

5. Evolution as a Population-genetic Process

6. Evolution of Cellular Complexity

Basic Cellular Features

7. The Cellular Environment